Seriously, you’ll be spoiled for choice when you go looking for women’s high heeled shoes at Aliexpress. And before you know it hours have gone by! There’s so many amazing styles to choose from and you can find some great bargains. My latest purchase was of a fabulous pair of thigh high boots, very warm and comfy for the winter months:

Aliexpress thigh platform boots Buy in bulk at low prices or buy individual items, either way it’s cost effective!

Aliexpress offers goods from Chinese suppliers at wholesale costs. This is ideal for consumers and small to medium sized companies, who can buy in bulk at low prices. I often find it a great source for ideas too as you can then look for similar styles closer to home if you don’t want to wait on your goods arriving from China (which can take up to a month, if not longer).

My shoe malfunction…

Ok, I’ll admit my shoe malfunction came from a pair of shoes I ordered off aliexpress. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my money back as there is a time limit from when you receive the shoes until when you can request a refund. But I did complain to the seller. There’s so many sellers on Aliexpress and sometimes you really do get what you pay for, but of course I don’t think it’s too much to ask that when you buy a pair of shoes, no matter what they cost, the soles should stay attached to the shoe. This has been my only bad experience using Aliexpress and I’ve bought many pairs of shoes from them. Whenever I’ve contacted a seller before about either requesting a different size or color they’ve always been quick to respond and very courteous but, please bear in mind the language barrier. You’ll probably be dealing with someone with limited English so just be patient and make sure you’re not overly descriptive, just keep your emails plain, simple and to the point.

You’ll be spoiled for choice over at Aliexpress!


My FABULOUS shoe rating for Aliexpress:

Three hearts



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Aliexpress – A Woman’s High Heel Shoe Extravaganza!

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