Are they really British?

Apparently not! We need to thank a German man, Dr. Klaus Maertens, for being the original Dr. Marten. It all happened way back in 1945 when he injured his foot while skiing. He decided to create a shoe to help him with his injury, which had an air-cushioned sole made out of rubber tires. He showed his design to his friend and inventor, Dr. Herbert. Together they produced the shoes, which sold well in Germany. Due to this success, in 1959 they decided to try and distribute the shoes globally. This is when the British company, the R. Griggs Group, showed interest and went on to create the classic Dr. Martens we all know and love today.

These shoes stand the test of time, are hardy and rugged, and are now considered a British institution! The R. Griggs Group traditionally created a work boot in 1960, the first cherry-red design named 1460. This of course has become the staple of the Dr. Martens creation but many other styles and designs have since come along. They have some great platform shoe designs to choose from. Here’s my amazing pair of Dr Martens:

Dr Martens platform shoesThey’ve got it all!

I couldn’t believe it when I spotted these. They had the platform (ok, not huge, but it’s there), the heel and the Mary Jane style all going on – they were a must have! And when they were delivered they didn’t disappoint. They’re a great every day shoe and there’s even a special ‘cushion’ in the sole to protect the arch of the foot, making it even more comfortable. With Dr. Martens you know you’re buying quality and a shoe that’s going to last forever!

If it’s comfort you’re looking for and a shoe that’ll never go out of style, check out their website:


My FABULOUS shoe rating for Dr Martens:

Five hearts



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Dr Martens – A British Institution!

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