If you’re on the hunt for something creative and unique then take a look at what Art has to offer. This company has created such an artsy style, which carries from sandal to shoe to boot. Maybe it’s the designer in me that’s so appreciative of their products but I love their use of color, stitching and especially the wedge design that dominates their styles.

Here’s my amazing Art sandals:

Art platform sandalsAttention to detail

I love that their designs even follow onto the sole of the shoe, where you’ll find their logo in a splash of color. The products scream quality too, which is reflected in the price. But if you’re looking for something special, comfortable and which will last, it’s worth it. And be prepared to get lots of comments as they stand out in a crowd!

Check out their collection at the-art-company.com.



My FABULOUS shoe rating for Art:

Five hearts



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Art – Special and Unique

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