One of my many searches for women’s shoes and boots came up with exactly what I was looking for; a beige shoe with a ‘wooden’ style platform a la Mary Jane. I ordered them from an overseas company in China and didn’t mind having to wait nearly a month for delivery. They were fabulous and well worth the wait. When the parcel arrived I eagerly opened the box, only to be met with the most pungent smell of glue. Not that this would deter me as they looked exactly like the photo on the website. If I had to walk around in smelly shoes so be it… but I guess it was a warning sign… a sign of VERY cheap glue!

Something doesn’t feel right…

I was walking from the subway to work one fine morning, proudly wearing, for the second time only, my brand new fabulous platform shoes. All of a sudden I hear what sounds like a loud clap and what felt like someone had stepped on my ankle from behind. I quickly turn around, but there’s no one there, so I carry on… but something didn’t feel right and then I became aware of a strange dragging feeling coming from my right foot. Low and behold I look down and the whole of the platform is about to dislocate itself from the shoe part! All 2.5″ of it. Luckily, I didn’t have far to walk to work, but I must’ve got a few strange looks on the way (I chose to keep my head down) as I dragged my right foot along the ground, appearing not to be able to bend at the knee. And of course the clapping noise that came from the shoe itself every time I lifted it slightly off the ground. To me it sounded like a foghorn.

Fabulous Platform Shoes, shoe malfunction

A round of applause!

Once I got to work I must admit it looked funny and my colleagues definitely thought so too! I couldn’t find any superglue so I had to make do with elastic bands to keep the platform attached to the shoe and to my foot. Still, although it wasn’t too noticeable my shoe was falling apart, the noise seemed far worse. Due to the elastic bands, the platform was now ricocheting off the shoe… you could hear me ‘clapping’ from miles away!

My collection

This has been my worst shoe disaster… so far! But don’t let this put you off wearing platforms. Go and check out my shoe collection to see all the different styles that haven’t let me down!

Thanks for reading! If your search for women’s shoes and boots has been met with dissatisfaction with the delivered product I’d love to hear about it, so please feel free to tell your story in the comments box below.

Platform Shoe Malfunction – When Shoes Go Wrong!

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