As the tagline says Something Special Every Day. It’s true. I love Zulily for many reasons and not just because of the variety of shoes it has to offer. Although it’s aimed at mums and caters for all the family, I’m not a mum, and you don’t need to be to love what Zulily has to offer! I love the huge variety of footwear and clothing on sale each day at great prices, and it caters for just about every style. My most recent purchase was of these fabulous creeper shoes:

Zulily creeper shoesThe best customer service ever.

If you sign up with Zulily you’ll get an email every day to show you what the ‘events’ (sales) are for the day. These events usually last about 72 hours and are then closed. Inventory can be limited and their items can sell out fast so it’s best to go and check out their site as soon as you get the daily email. They’re able to offer such great discounts as they don’t house any inventory after the events end. As a result of this they can’t process returns. But fear not! They have the best customer service I’ve ever come across – very friendly and always quick to respond. If there’s anything wrong with the product you buy just get in touch with them and they’ll soon rectify it, either by sending out a replacement or you’ll get a full refund and quite often a credit to your account for your trouble too!

Well worth the wait!

The only downside to Zulily, if you want to call it that, is you usually have to wait a few weeks for your product to be delivered (but this can depend on the shipping available for some items). The reason for this is that they work with so many different brands from which they have to coordinate delivery with, which can be time consuming. When you place an order with them, the brand ships it to Zulily. It’ll then be inspected for quality before sending it out to you. Also, if you order a few things, they also do their best to package up all your goods together to keep the shipping costs down. I’ve got to say it doesn’t bother me if I have to wait a little longer than usual – great shoes are well worth the wait!

Don’t take my word for it, go over to and see for yourself!


My FABULOUS shoe rating for Zulily:

Five hearts



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Zulily – A Fabulous Place to Shop!

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