Q: Do you find high heel shoes for women, the stiletto if you will, comfortable?

The reason I ask is that for me the stiletto = pain!

Even if there is a platform to offset the height, the balls of my feet tend to scream out loud and not in a nice way. And don’t even mention the ankle. Have you ever worn a pair of heels where you thought you were actually going to die if you had to take one more step? I’ve experienced such pain and that’s why I stick with platforms, to me they’re much more comfortable. Having the extra width at the heel helps in many ways; you don’t feel like you have to constantly watch where you’re walking in case the heel gets stuck in a crack in the pavement, you’re less likely to go over on your ankle and sprain it (although this can still happen with platforms off course) and the most obvious, it’s easier to walk on wider heels – duh!

New Look grey stiletto platform shoesgrey wedge platform shoesWe’ve all been there…

I often look at other women who wear high heels at 4″+ and wonder how long it took them to train their feet to feel comfortable in them. And then of course there’s times when you see some poor soul, admittedly looking fabulous in her heels, but in such pain. You can visibly see the pretending-everything’s-ok walk, we’ve all been there and done it. And then there’s the obvious sight of the band aid creeping up from her ankle, no longer covering the huge blister, blistering underneath.

We all pay a price…

Then of course there are women who end up suffering with bunions… and still they manage to squeeze their feet into the cruel, unnatural pointy tip of the shoe. I don’t know how they do it, but I guess they’re no different from me. We all pay a price for what we think makes us look good, whether it’s platforms or stilettos.

Please feel free to join in this discussion and share some funny (not at the time I’m sure!) stories of your high heel shoe wearing days!

High Heel Shoes for Women – The Platform Vs The Stiletto

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