No, I don’t mean the actual price, I mean the unfortunate mishap of going over on your ankle. That’s the price you pay for wearing high heel shoes! Seriously though, it can and does happen. Luckily for me I can only remember 2 occasions where I’ve actually sprained my ankle. And one of those times wasn’t even down to the shoes I was wearing!

Beware of the pothole…

Art platform sandalsI was wearing my favorite sandals, as shown, and was walking along the road quite happily when I didn’t see a rather large dip in the sidewalk, pothole if you will. Well, I went into said pothole with my left foot and came out of it with a serious sprain! I thought I might have to go to hospital but after sitting with a rather large bag of frozen peas, courtesy of my friend, on my ankle for 30 minutes I was able to hobble about again. Ironically these were the only shoes I was able to wear for about a week as they give a lot of support, along with a bandage of course.

My own fault…

The other time I have to admit it was probably down to the shoes I was wearing, platform sandals, which didn’t offer much of any support to the ankle. That was sore but not too bad a sprain.

So the moral of this story is make sure your high heeled shoes offer some ankle support, or the alternative is to just wear fabulous platform boots all the time! Not a bad thing.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have questions or comments please feel free to enter them below. Thanks for reading!

The Price You Pay for Wearing High Heel Shoes

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