Sometimes even I have trouble finding the perfect pair of high heel shoes!

You know how it feels. You see the perfect pair of shoes but have no way of knowing where to buy them. I was searching for a pair of sandals last year but somehow managed to stumble upon a website which was showing the street fashion of Tokyo. And I saw them, these puppies….

Tokyo blue platform shoes

I don’t know what I love about them most.. the Mary Jane style, the colors, the thick wedge heel, the ideal height (for me) of the platform. It must be a combination of them all. They look fabulous.

Tokyo here I come!

I’ve searched all my known and trusted best websites for these shoes, google-imaged them, but there’s no online shop I can find that sells them. Maybe I have to go to Tokyo.

I would happily add these to my collection so if anyone has any idea of where I can buy them please get in touch below!

Where Can I Find These High Heel Shoes?!

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