TUK have the kind of shoes that literally make my jaw drop – if I was a shoe designer these are the kinds of shoes I’d be designing! Here’s my very own pair:

TUK shoes red and black platform heelsPlatforms on top of platforms?!

Their styles are creative and bold and will get you noticed. They have a new style called the double-double-creeper, which is a platform on top of a platform. They also have a style called ‘Woodies.’ They’re wooden platform wedges and they’re available in a shoe, sandal, boot and clogg. I don’t know how comfortable they’d be to walk in for long but they look incredible! With the shoes I have I wouldn’t be able to walk too far in them without my feet starting to ache, but that’s not why I chose them. If I’m going hiking I’ll go buy hiking boots! But over at TUK they have styles that cover all comfort zones!

So if you want to make a statement and stand out in a crowd, take a look at what TUK have to offer at tukshoes.com.


My FABULOUS shoe rating for TUK:

Five hearts



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TUK – Bold and Creative

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