When I lived in the UK Schuh was always one of my favorites for finding something a little bit different. They always seem to push their designs that little bit further and I found were a great source for platforms styles back when I discovered them, years ago!

Here’s a few of the favorites I’ve bought over the years:

Schuh shoes

Yes, some of their styles are expensive, but there is a wide range of styles and pricing. Always check out their sales section as you just might find those shoes you desperately wanted a few months back at a much reduced cost.

You pay for quality

The great thing about the shoes I’ve bought from them is that it feels like they’ll last a lifetime. They produce high quality footwear and the cost reflects that. But I see it as an investment and I don’t think the styles I’ve bought will ever look out dated. I can go on wearing them for years and years…. and no-one will ever know!

Schuh shops are based throughout the UK but they do ship internationally. Check out their range of shoes at schuh.co.uk

My FABULOUS shoe rating for Schuh:

Four hearts



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Schuh – Where Quality Counts

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