Of course they should I hear you cry! Why shouldn’t they? The reason I ask is that I recently received a comment about what I had written on my ‘About Me’ page with regards to the remark I made about if you were a 6ft amazon – walk tall and proud etc. I seem to have offended this person (of the male variety) as he “cringed” at what I had to say and said he believes some 6ft women are very self-conscious about their height. Of course, my intention was never to offend anyone, and it’s possible this person was just looking for an argument, but I obviously only meant that any woman, regardless of her height, should wear whatever sized heel she feels comfortable in! When I think of tall women, the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Uma Thurman and Nicole Kidman spring to mind, all looking fabulous in their heels.

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A BIG thank you!

I have to thank this person for leaving his comment as it got me thinking, how DO tall women feel about wearing platforms/high heeled shoes? I wouldn’t know as I’m a shorty myself at 5’3”! But when I wear my really high platforms, which bring me up to around 5’8”/5’9”, I do get comments… but only when I wear my not-so-high heels. I get a lot of  “I thought you were really tall!” So, they’re shocked when I ‘appear’ much smaller as it’s not what they’re used to.

A Google search surprise!

google search tall womenSo I decided to do some research and it was pretty interesting what came up in my google search. On the first page alone it was mainly what MEN thought about tall women wearing high heels and also women ASKING what men thought about it. So it leads to another question… is that what wearing high heels to some women really means? Finding a boyfriend? Does it really matter so much what a man thinks about tall women wearing heels? I’m asking all these questions as I really don’t have the answer… but I would love to hear any comments or discussions you might have about this and because, like I say, I don’t know what’s it’s like to be a very tall woman. Interestingly though I read through some of the comments made by men on the taller woman and a lot of them love the fact they wear high heels, it looks sexy to them 🙂 but then again on the flip side of that is a lot of them feel intimidated by them. So, size does matter? 😉

Tall or small – should it matter?

I have a friend who is 5’10” and does she wear heels? Yes. She loves them. We laugh at each other when we’re photographed together because of the height difference. Her height’s not an issue and I don’t think I’ve ever heard her complain about it. But then why should she? I don’t complain I’m small, I quite like it to be honest. The boyfriends she’s had in the past have loved the fact she’s tall and it doesn’t bother her if she’s taller than them.

A 6ft amazon!

I also worked with someone who was very tall, around 6ft. Her height was really only mentioned when she was being described to a work colleague, “ you know her, the tall one with red hair?” Again she had no issue with her height, but did mention to me once that in her experience people didn’t seem to be aware that SHE knew how tall she was! She found this really funny and wasn’t offended by it. She embraced her height and loved it and wanted to talk about it, whereas some people she came across would skirt around the issue or avoid it in conversation for fear of embarrassing her. She would wear flats and heels to work and looked great in both.

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An advantage to being tall?

You see that’s where I think the taller woman has an advantage over us shorter women. This is only my opinion but I feel and think I look better in high heels as they elongate my short legs, and they suit the clothes I wear more than flats do. But the taller woman quite often has longer legs compared to her torso so can look equally good in both.

So, which is it, tall or small?

As the saying goes “you don’t miss what you never had!” Is there a stigma attached to being tall that I don’t know about because I’m small? Does being tall make you feel really self-conscious and so you avoid appearing even taller and miss out on wearing some amazing footwear? I’m really not trying to make light of it as I’m sure it must be a real issue for some women, so lets try and help each other out and better understand how you feel if this is the case.

Please leave your comments below, I look forward to reading them!

Should Tall Women Wear Heels? Let the Discussion Commence!

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