Ok, I know, it sounds like a cliche… “all women love shoes,” maybe, but for me, it’s always been about the platform. I love platform shoes, I love platform sandals and I love platform boots! Is it because they give my short legs the appearance of being longer? Or is it that added extra height to my smallish 5’3″ frame? Or is it because there’s so many incredible styles to choose from out there, from wedges to Mary Jane’s to creepers? It could be all of the above but I don’t think just because you’re small you can only get away with wearing platforms. Any woman of any height could and should enjoy the platform! So what if you’re a 6ft amazon – walk tall and proud in your platforms! For me I think the main reason is the sheer amount of fabulous designs to choose from.

I hope my site can help you find the most fabulous platforms. I know how it feels to spend hours and hours looking for the perfect pair of shoes, sandals and/or boots, so through all my years of searching I’ve come up with what I think are the best websites to find platforms out there.

Happy shoe hunting!




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