New Rock Metallic Black Boots

Price: $437.99-$465.99

Purchase: Amazon

My FABULOUS shoe rating:



Boots from New Rock, made from high quality leather. Complete with 6 buckles and laces with silver studs for decoration. They have a side zipper fastening and offer great tread with the chunky hard-wearing sole and metal heel.

Shoe specs

Sizes: US 6 through 12
Colors: black
Heel: approx. 2″
approx. 3″
Closure: buckles/laces/side zipper
Fabric: leather

These Rock!

Ok, so I had to at some point review a pair of shoes or boots from New Rock – as they rock! And what better time than at Christmas. Please see my review on my pair of New Rock boots on How to Wear High Heels Without Pain – My Top 12 Tips (they’re the best pair of boots I’ve ever worn, incredibly well made and they seem indestructable… they’ll survive an apocalypse!). The design has become unique to New Rock, which is an intricately detailed punk style. There are many copy-cats out there, but in my opinion you can’t beat them for the design and quality of their footwear. These boots are adorned with eye-catching buckles and silver studs made with the finest leather. I give these a fabulous rating of 5 hearts with an extra * as they really are top-quality footwear which seems, over time, to mould to your feet. Yes, they’re expensive but well worth it. Think of it as an investment as they’ll last a lifetime. 🙂

If you have a pair of these I’d love to hear any comments you have, so please get in touch below!

Boot of the Week – 12.15.14

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