My Shoe of the Week is normally going to be a pair that I review and recommend. But seeing as this is the very first Shoe of the Week I feel it’s only right to showcase my most favorite pair of platforms!

Shoe of the Week, Week 1An ideal mix!

I love them. They’re the ideal color, height, style and fabric for me and, ok, I couldn’t walk for miles in them but when shoes look this fabulous who cares?!

For special occasions only

I bought them from Aliexpress a few years ago and only bring them out for special occasions. That’s because I want these puppies to last a lifetime! Yep, I’ll be hobbling about in these in my old age 🙂

Thanks for reading! If you want to share stories/photos about your favorite shoes just get in touch below.

Shoe of the Week – 10.6.14

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